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Kevin Staker and Wife Mari in a Samburu Village in Kenya, East Africa (2006)  Kevin Staker


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Kevin Staker
Kevin was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on July 11, 1954.  His father, A. Gail Staker, was one of the first graduates in electrical engineering to be educated in the engineering of computers.  When Kevin Stakerwas only two weeks old his family moved to Southern California (South Gate to be exact) so his father could work for Hughes Electronics.  Kevin Staker 

They then moved to Hawthorne, California.  His mother, Toni Staker, remembers Kevin leading the older neighborhoods kids around in play.  Kevin Staker always has wanted to be in charge. Kevin Staker

After a couple of months of kindergarten, the family moved to Woodland Hills.  (His sister Traci and brother Matt having been born in the meantime.)  Kevin lived the life of an idyllic baby boomer childhood with his mother home full time and many adventures around the neighborhood.  (He is proud to note he never got arrested.)  Kevin Staker

Kevin Staker took up motocross racing as a teenager.  He was so serious he missed his senior prom in high school because he had an important race the next day.  He had one of the first factory racing bikes sold to the general public by Yamaha.  For many races, he was the first into the first turn (only to be passed a number of times in the course of the race, he was not the most reckless of riders into the turns.)  With his then slight build and long hair flowing behind him in a pony tail, many a racer later reported the great incentive he had to pass him.  "I did not want to get beat by a girl."

Kevin Staker served a two year mission for the LDS (Mormon) Church in southern Italy (still pretty fluent). He was a ski instructor at Brigham Young University (imagine, the adoring coeds).  He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Economics. Kevin Staker

He married Marilou Bench in 1977. Her father, Ruel Bench, is a world famous orthodontist, lecturing around the world.  Mari worked to support them through law school at the University of Utah. Kevin Staker helped build and then worked as a waiter at the very popular (at the time) Old Salt City Jail Restaurant. Kevin Staker

They were in a major auto accident just before their wedding. Mari was seriously injured when a dump truck lost its brakes and ran a red light.  Mari should have been killed and Kevin should have been seriously injured.  Instead, Kevin Staker, although a bit bloody, was not seriously injured.  (He got himself into the ambulance with Mari.)   They used the settlement to purchase their first home.  (Mari earned every penny of it and more with the pain and suffering she endured.)  Kevin Staker

Kevin Staker became a bishop in the LDS Church at the young age of 30 (to audible gasps in the congregation). He lost the Republican primary for the California State Assembly to Tom McClintock in 1990.  Kevin Staker
Kevin Staker and Mari lived in Dos Vientos in Newbury Park from 2002 to 2012 and then moved back to Camarillo. Kevin is presently an instructor in his High Priests Group in the Valley Vista Ward and serves as an ordinance worker almost every Wednesday evening at the LDS Temple in Los Angeles

Their daughter Marisa had the world's best job, VIP tour guide at Disneyland. She was the favorite tour guide for a number of celebrities.  Kevin is very proud to report that one celebrity, who is about as famous a person there is in the United States (he shall remain anonymous, but the name Black Mamba come to mind), scheduled his visits with his family to Disneyland to dates when Marisa was available.  Pretty heady stuff!  Marisa, however, has decided to grow up and has been trained to be an estate planning paralegal.  She then worked for CunningLegal and the Morgan Law, but has now moved back to Camarillo and is working with Kevin Staker again.  Marisa married David Becker, a refugee from Iraq.    They have given Mari and Kevin Staker their first grandchild, Eva Rose Becker.  

Son Sean is back from an LDS mission in southern . . . New Jersey.  Not quite as glamorous as Italy but still very rewarding.  Sean has received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cal State Fullerton; he would love to hear from you if your know of a potential job..

Kevin plays golf (rather avidly but badly) and is a tri-athlete (swimming, cycling and running).  Kevin Staker also loves to fish, both fly fishing for trout or for bigger game fish in the ocean.  For a good story, ask him about the first fish his son Sean caught in the ocean.

Kevin and Mari love to travel, especially adventure travel.  Places include China, Hong Kong, Belize, all over Europe, and the highlight, Kenya in East Africa.

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